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Can Anger Lead To Peace?

According to the news and social media lately, it seems there is a growing anger developing of many towards the […]

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The Sense of Mission

Whatever it is that you feel you are here to do, you must do. Otherwise, you will live dishonestly. We […]

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How Can I Be Free?

Who I am involves who you are. If you were not you, I would not be me. This is as […]

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When Do Memories Begin?

I have most recently been contemplating the peculiar function of the human brain, which is memory. Is there ever a […]

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I Build Websites For Free

Do you need a website? Let's start building!

Throughout my early twenties I worked as a web consultant and developer for a wide range of corporations, businesses, and non-profit organizations. I fulfilled these duties as my means for making a living. I was working not because of the joy I had in providing my work to a company; rather, for the paycheck that I received for the work that I produced. I looked around and observed that this “how much can I get?” attitude was the reason for why most of us provided the work that we did. Understandably. However, I wondered if working this way would ever be fulfilling? And through deeply questioning and investigation, I came to the conclusion that I would find fulfillment by working for what I could get; rather, by offering my skills, knowledge and experience as a web designer and web developer to you – my clients – as a free gift without any expectation of what I might get in return.

I believe that building a website for you will lead to incredible opportunities, connections with people and ultimately – success. A website for you to communicate who you are and what you do with the world is one of the most powerful tools we have in our times to connect with people and share what we have to give. Whether you have a small business, a cause you are passionate about, artwork you would like to sell or share, or another idea for a project but aren’t quite sure where to begin – a website can be the first step in seeing your vision come to life.

It is my honor and joy to offer my service freely to all who would benefit from having their own website.